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TowelRoot Apk: Download TowelRoot App for Android

TowelRoot Apk: Android smartphones are the most powerful machines in the world and Google are the developers of the Android are considered as the Skynet. Apart from that, Android smartphones are more capable than the features they are coming with, and when we think about the possibilities, then it simply is not possible with the Official updates.

Well, Today in this article I will be talking about a very rooting application called Towelroot.

Towelroot apk

What is Android Rooting?
When you think about taking your smartphone to another level, then the only suggestion comes to everyone's mind is ANDROID ROOTING. Does everything start with the Question What is ANDROID ROOTING?
Android Rooting is a process, where your Official ROM will no longer have the control over the features and even over the smartphones. The rooting process breaks the security wall and replaces them. Once the rooting process is completed, then you will be able to add or remove Apps, Features, Options and more to the smartphone. In simple words, you will have 100% control over the smartphone.
TowelRoot Apk Download:
We know that there are many One-click-root apps available in the market. TowelRoot is the application that allows you to root your smartphone after the bootloader is unlocked. Honestly speaking, the TowelRoot is simply amazing when it comes to rooting your smartphone without the fear of bricking the smartphone.
However, the one who developed the TowelRoot is none but a hacker, which is hugely popular because of his actions in the past. There's no doubt that the TowelRoot is a fabulous option when it comes to rooting your smartphone is a matter of minutes, and you don't have to go through all confusing steps and download multiple files to get the job done.
I'm going to explain it in a step-by-step guide, so make sure to follow my lead. In case, if you don't understand a part then stop right there and comment below with your question or else there is a higher risk of bricking your smartphone.
Make sure to charge your smartphone to 90%, and you need an active internet connection. Ensure that you have unlocked your smartphone. The bootloader is a lock, which prevents you from rooting or tampering security of your smartphone.
I want to remind you guys, if you have used the TowelRoot Apk in the past then the process included a working PC, smartphone USB, and Internet connection but things have changed now after several other options hit the internet, such as One click root. The TowelRoot developer has figured out and launched a stable and working one-click-root Android APK TowelRoot file. So you don't need to have a Windows PC and a USB cable in the process. 

Download and Install TowelRoot Apk -

Step 1: Open your mobile browser and download TowelRoot Apk.
Step 2: Now, When you have successfully downloaded the TowelRoot App, follow the steps below!
Step 3: Usually, these type of files are harmful, so your smartphone Antivirus will prevent you from download and install. So disable Antivirus.
Step 4: the Android system will also prevent you from installing it. So go to Settings > Security > Unknown sources - Tap once on it.
Step 5: The TowelRoot APK file will be installed in a matter of seconds because the file size is only 110KB.
Step 6: The TowelRoot Apk will download and install if further data are needed.
Step 7: Once the installation is finished then go back to Settings > Security > Unknown sources - Tap once on it. By doing this, it will ensure that the app does not install any unsigned apps or files to your directory.

TowelRoot app

How to Root using TowelRoot Apk -

Step 1: Since the latest release is One-click-root then you will find no pain in rooting your smartphone. Just follow the suggestions and steps guided by the TowelRoot. When the rooting process is finished then restart your Android.
Step 2: After the reboot, go to the menu and check for SuperSU app. If the SuperSU is installed, then that is the sign that your smartphone is rooted properly.

Here is a YouTube Video for some more help!

Risk in Rooting an Android Mobile Phone -
·         You are breaking the security walls of your smartphone and leaving your smartphone wide-open for Hackers.
·         You should be careful when you select rooting methods because unknown and anonymous developers develop most of the rooting Apps, they mostly are hackers with no track record on them.
·         It has reported that several rooting apps usually send your personal data secretly to China.
·         In the process of rooting, there are chances of bricking your smartphone. (Brick stands for a non-functional smartphone that can't be repaired physically nor using software.)

·         When you install custom ROM, then there is no guarantee that you will be able to use smoothly like you did on your Official ROM. 70% of the custom ROMS are unstable, and functions don't work properly. I have rooted and installed custom ROM's myself and the performance of the ROM is pretty clumsy, and most of the time, I experience application crashes and more.
To re-confirm the root process, you can even check the root status using an Android app. Go to the Play Store and search for the "Root Status (Root Checker)" and install the first search result. Once the installation is completed, then you will be able to check if your smartphone has rooted or not. There are several other apps in the PlayStore to confirm the root, but I recommend that you use the "Root Status (Root Checker)".
Here is a small QnA about the Towelroot Apk.

Is Rooting Smartphone With TowelRoot Safe?

I have rooted several smartphones in the past, and several come across a situation, where the security is compromised. However, I'm no expert developer but there are several developers, who are known for their contribution has said that "Rooting your smartphone without knowing the developer background will only land you in problems later on."
I have no intention to put negative things about the rooting process, but you have to know about it as well. There is risk involved in the rooting process, and I would like to list them for you.

Who Created TowelRoot APK?

Back in 2010, a successful developer or I should address him as a hacker, who started to develop Android Rooting app called TowelRoot to help regular users to root their smartphone quickly. When TowelRoot launched on XDA-developers site, users tried it and quickly figured out that the TowelRoot works like a charm. However, the developers never revealed himself until it became huge among the users.
Name of the TowelRoot Developer: George Francis Hotz AKA Geohot.
TowelRoot has featured on several reputed sites, but when it comes to the Security, then no one can guarantee you the safety. Of course that the performance is quite impressive and TowelRoot roots your smartphone in a matter of minutes smoothly without any hiccups. Let us know what you think about the TowelRoot and also add your past experiences in the comment below.

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